Joseph Artgole

By: Joseph Artgole

Joseph is the Marketing Manager at Concirrus, focussing on product and client initiatives. He has a background in digitisation and communications, delivering campaigns for new technologies in partnership with global brands. Joseph has a passion for innovation, its influence on evolving industries and how benefits translate to other markets.

8 Nov, 2019

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Concirrus Does Movember

From a spark of inspiration in Australia to a global phenomenon, Movember’s focus on men’s health has led to many embracing facial hair for sponsorship. The charity’s critical efforts in driving awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, along with mental health, cannot be understated. Their work has led to the funding of over 1,250 projects, driving both the understanding and importance of men’s health. You can find out more about the statistics of relating to each issue on the Movember website. Anyone can get involved, with a 60km walk or run over the course of the month as an alternative to growing a ‘mo’. The movement has inspired eight of Concirrus’ finest to embrace their facial gifts for a month to encourage donations. With individual efforts contributing to a team total, the Concirrus Movember team has a target of £1,500 in place for the end of this month.

Now one week in, we’re delighted to say that we’re just over a quarter of the way there. Two superstars shine through, with Mark Sherman and Andrew Collins both storming ahead with funds raised! We’re hoping to carry this momentum through the remaining three weeks and your help is greatly appreciated. You can donate via one of the links below. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we move forward via our social channels Twitter and LinkedIn.

Check out the Concirrus Team Page here.

You can also find the individual fundraising pages of our team here: Mark Sherman, Andrew Collins, James Fogarty, Ryan Matthews, Bigy Koshy, Samuel Roberton, Sam Mellett and Joseph Artgole.

Find out more about Movember here and read about how to become a mental health champion at work.



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