Andrew Yeoman

By: Andrew Yeoman

Andrew is CEO and Co-founder of Concirrus

17 Oct, 2018


Concirrus featured in The Times special report

The marine insurance industry has been highly effective over its 300 years. However, during the last decade, it has suffered from underinvestment and a lack of innovation. With high expense ratios and low profits, the pressure to find a better operating model is inescapable.

“Investment in big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain will transform the marine insurance industry from technology laggards to trailblazers.” says Andrew Yeoman, Concirrus' CEO.

“The main impact will be on pricing, policies and placement, benefiting all players in the market, from brokers and insurers to fleet operators.”

Find out more about why the 300 year old marine insurance industry is on the cusp of a transformation in the special 'Maritime Economy' report, published by Raconteur and distributed by The Times.

Read the full article here.

Download the full report here.


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