Concirrus features in 2019 Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 report

By Caroline Hurst - February 28, 2019

Oxbow Partners have today released the 2019 InsurTech Impact 25 report. The report features Concirrus as one of 25 carefully selected InsurTech Members who have achieved revenue growth and have a technology-led proposition that can transform the insurance industry. Oxbow Partners believe that these 25 Members are well placed to make an impact on the insurance industry in 2019.


This report is the second Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 and the publication has established itself as one of the go-to publications for executives wanting to learn more about InsurTech and industry trends.

The report includes an overview of last year's members, an introduction to this year's Impact 25 members and observations about what this all means for incumbent (re)insurers and brokers. 

The Oxbow Partners view of Concirrus:

"Over the last two years, marine has leapfrogged other classes of commercial business to become the one that is arguably making the most progress with data innovation. To many this is surprising - marine is to insurance what Adam and Eve are to humanity - and the class has traditionally moved slowly.
However, closer consideration of the class makes it a prime candidate for data-driven disruption. Cargo in particular is high volume and therefore potentially complex to rate and low average premium. Marine telematics is generating huge volumes of data that is likely to yield insights for hull and P&I underwriters. In other words, marine shares many characteristics with motor, which is already a highly quantitative line of business."

All Members were selected based on two main criteria:

  • Traction - material revenues or revenue growth indicating customer traction
  • Potential - differentiated yet sustainable proposition

Download your copy of the Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 report today here.

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