Concirrus features in WTW InsurTech Briefing

By Hannah Freeman - May 09, 2019

Willis Towers Watson's latest Quarterly InsurTech Briefing focuses on the themes of pricing and underwriting and has selected Concirrus as one of the InsurTechs within the market adding value to the insurance chain.

Willis Towers Watson has today released their Q1 2019 Quarterly InsurTech Briefing. This quarters briefing is in collaboration between Willis Re, Willis Towers Watson ICT and CB Insights and focuses on the theme of underwriting and pricing (from data insights).

Concirrus have been carefully selected by WTW as one of the Insurtech's 'making significant progress, and adding value in the areas of pricing and underwriting' within the insurance market.

The Concirrus case study (page 10-11) which is featured in the briefings 'knowing the risk' section, gives an overview of how the insights derived from our data analytics provide (re)insurers with improved risk selection, accurate pricing, dynamic portfolio management and realtime risk management all within a single, unified Quest platform.

Our platform Quest, enables (re)insurers to:

  1. Optimise their existing portfolio through dynamic data analysis
  2. Improve risk pricing and selection when writing new business through dynamic portfolio management and predictive analytics


Download your copy of the WTW InsurTech Briefing Q1 2019 here to learn more about Quest and how Concirrus are delivering an innovative business model within the insurance function process.

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