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By: Caroline Hurst

Caroline is Marketing Director at Concirrus and has more than 15 years experience in helping tech companies grow their business. Caroline has a passion for continuous improvement to present organisations in the best possible light and deliver a customer experience that is second to none.

24 Jan, 2019


Fintech Finance: The Insurtech Show

Customer expectations continue to drive the evolution of the insurance market, Fintech Finance interview some of the best thought leaders in insurance to get to the heart of some of the challenges currently facing the industry.

CEO Andrew Yeoman talks exclusively to Fintech Finance’s Doug Mackenzie providing his insights into the biggest challenges currently facing insurers.

As part of its Insurtech Show, Doug MacKenzie from Fintech Finance explores what the pain points are for insurers today.  Interviewing a number of leading industry experts including Anders la Cour, CEO at Banking Circle and Gareth Howell, Managing Director at AXA, our very own Andrew Yeoman also takes to the floor providing key insights and the fundamental role technology will play in the future.

Here are some exclusive clips from the interview  to give you a flavour of the whole episode.

One of the key questions Doug posed to Andrew was... 

‘What are some the biggest challenges facing the insurers currently?’

Andrew Yeoman, Concirrus on the biggest challenges facing insurers currently

The fundamental question insurers want to answer is: “how do I continue to develop products and services that sell and ultimately, improve long term profitability.” Andrew believes that harnessing data through technology will undoubtedly become the market’s super power and enable businesses to guarantee its future. 

Another key question posed to Andrew...

‘What Does the Digital Age of Insurance Mean for Insurers and the Customers?’

Andrew Yeoman, Concirrus on What Does the Digital Age of Insurance Mean for Insurers and the Custome

'"Everything that was previously unknown can now become known and that changes the basis for insurance"

'Concirrus on the Importance

of Everyday Life Insurance'

Andrew Yeoman - Concirrus on the Importance of Everyday Life Insurance

 "Without insurance the world simply cannot operate"

'Concirrus on High Frequency Insurance'

Andrew Yeoman, Concirrus on High Frequency Insurance


'Concirrus on How Important is the Quick Reconciliation of Payments'

Andrew Yeoman, Concirrus on How Important is the Quick Reconciliation of Payments


'Concirrus on Collaborating with Insurers' 

Andrew Yeoman, Concirrus on Collaborating With Some of the Insurers



'Concirrus on Big Data Model's Helping to Provide a More Tailored Service to your Customers'

Andrew Yeoman, Concirrus on Big Data Model Helping Them to Provide More Tailored Services to your Cu


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