Migrate Art #MaskForMeals

By Hannah Freeman - September 04, 2020

The non-profit Migrate Art is on a mission help those affected by homelessness and the global migrant crisis. Find out more about their latest initiative #MasksForMeals below.

Every Friday we come together as a team for a FedTalk. Those working in the office on a Friday can enjoy lunch on us (global pandemics allowing)!  FedTalks – like TED talks, are a chance for us to get together as a team and share knowledge. It can also be a place to share with the team our hobbies and passions outside of work. Earlier this month our Business Development OfficerCraig spoke to the team about his work with the non-profit Migrate Art. As aart lover and advocate for innovation, Craig has been involved with Migrate Art since it was founded in 2016.  

Craig was joined by Simon Butler Founder of Migrate Art. The charity is on a mission to help those affected by homelessness and the global migrant crisis. Migrate Art works with some of the worlds best artists to create original artwork sending a significant percentage of the funds raised to those in society who are displaced. 

One of Migrate Art’s most recent projects has been their #MasksForMeals initiative. During lockdown they decided to make the most of a bad situation and adapt. Collaborating with some exciting artists including Miaz BrothersHelen Beard and Camille Walala, creating reversible, washable and reusable face masks. 100% of the net profits were sent to the Refugee Community Kitchen to help feed the UK's homeless.  

Our #MasksForMeals project has raised over £30,000. It was one of those things where you plant the seed and don’t know where its going but we ended up tripling our initial target. The money raised will provide around 45,000 meals for those in need. I think we’re in a time where a lot more people are thinking about social issues and are waking up to the displacement of people around the world.  Simon Butler, Founder of Migrate Art


Find out how you can support the global migrant crisis and learn Migrate Art's latest projects here.


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