Enhanced Intelligence for Commercial Insurance.


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We start by harvesting live information from thousands of different sensors and devices.

This is combined with existing enterprise data which may be sitting in silos and going to waste. We bring this to life.

All of this information is then ingested into our platform, Concirrus Quest.

The cloud above the clouds

Stage 1 - Ingest

This solves an important problem. Insurers have a big opportunity to take advantage of the information produced by connected technology. Yet how can they harvest the data from all of those devices? Concirrus Quest does this for them.

The cloud above the clouds

Stage 2 - Digest

As this raw data is streamed live from different sources it is analysed. Using machine learning and predictive analytics it is translated into human language, making it more accessible.

The cloud above the clouds

Stage 3 - Suggest

Finally, dashboards provide insurance personnel with a simple view of the results. Accurate conclusions are presented as suggestions that allow insurers to make more efficient, risk savvy decisions.

This propels your organisation forward and ensures growth in an uncertain world.

See the unseen. Know the unknown.

Harvest data from disparate silos into one curated, visible space.

Use the power of predictive analytics & machine learning to highlight specific events and draw new conclusions.

Understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ to allow better decisions to be made.

All powered by the Concirrus platform and made accessible via a simple dashboard.