Transforming Specialty (Re)Insurance

In a bid to accelerate digital transformation within specialty insurance, Willis Re and Concirrus have partnered to develop a truly unique offering for both insurers and reinsurers alike. Concirrus’ Quest Marine platform will demonstrate the level of insight that can be derived from vast data sets to assess risk based on both static and behavioural data. Doing so provides a more accurate view of risk, empowering underwriters to make more informed decisions. Willis Re will target selected key clients who have the best interest, engagement and potential to benefit from using the Concirrus platform. They will also work with a small number of reinsurance markets to develop a "new look" reinsurance submission – introducing new ways of measuring and pricing risk. The coordinated efforts of both companies will improve understanding of the risk landscape, allowing more accurate underwriting and pricing of risks. Following the success of this initiative, Willis Re will further their work with Concirrus by collaborating on the development of Quest Marine: Cargo, which is the next product scheduled for release in 2020.

An Introduction to Quest Marine

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