Reduce Fleet Insurance Claims and Claims Costs

Quest Fleet will provide fleet operators, claims management companies and insurers with the opportunity to access telematics and video data to benefit from: 

Quest Motor Pictograms_Motor FNOL

Automated First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Quest Fleet helps you speed up claims when a collision occurs. Using real-time data direct from your fleet, Quest Fleet will deliver automated collision reports direct to you, your insurer or claims management provider within minutes. This allows you to act instantly, taking control of the claim and minimising claim costs. Quest Fleet helps you to minimise downtime, keeping your business moving and ensuring that your clients are happy.


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Active Risk Management

Coaching drivers on the dangers of risky driving behaviour and rewarding safe driving behaviour can help to reduce the frequency and severity of collisions within your fleet. Having visibility of risky driving behaviours allows you to intervene before a collision occurs. Quest Fleet highlights risky behaviour and allows you to prioritise your driver coaching for maximum results.


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More Competitive Premiums

Not all fleets are created equal. Quest Fleet gives a more complete view of risk within a fleet allowing insurers to price premiums more accurately and offer more competitive pricing to operators who demonstrate low levels of risk. 


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New Products and Services

With a clearer view of real-time fleet requirements, insurers and claims management companies can develop new products and services to better meet client needs. From flexible policies to usage based cover and more.



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