Quest Marine Cargo

Cargo Insurance Analytics

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Features and capabilities

Digitise your book and gain visibility of dynamic exposure

Quest Marine Cargo gives Underwriters and Brokers access to a wealth of intelligence associated with ever-changing risk throughout the cargo journey. Richer insight improves segmentation, prospecting and underwriting within each cargo segment.

Behaviour-based analysis

Identify behavioural trends that correlate to risk for a more accurate understanding of exposure vs the use of demographic factors alone.


Leverage more than two trillion datapoints through proprietary machine learning algorithms


Uncover underlying risk within your existing portfolio and adjust premiums


Write new business based on a holistic view of activity over time

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2. Deductible Optimisation

Optimise your cargo portfolio

Understand the influence of each type of good on your portfolio and optimise based on deductibles.


Frequency, severity and portfolio percentage displayed for each type of good


Filter categories by deductible and optimise based on exposure


Write business based on data insight to stabilise portfolio

Identify end-to-end risk exposure

Policies display global routes with relative value, storage locations, cargo types and modes of transport.


Identify the specific risk factors associated with each route


Verify which assets are being held in specific storage locations over the life of the policy


Split cargo types by loss ratio to identify high risk goods

3. Regional Statistics
4. Claims Management

Unify underwriting processes

Assess exposure, write business and manage claims within a single platform from anywhere at any time.


Create draft policies to generate statistics, prepare a quotation and write business for a new or existing account


Bulk upload all existing journeys with associated details


Apply filters to claims and view key information at a glance as well as a full incident report

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