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Simplify your submissions process

Digital submissions are inconsistent in format and take a while to triage manually. Automating the process of importing data from emails, as well as associated risk score, makes it very easy to select and place risk.

Watch the video for a brief introduction before finding out more on the benefits of our submissions management module below.

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Manage submissions in minutes

Automation allows underwriters to spend less time on data entry and more time selecting risk. The level and causes of risk are clearly outlined, simplifying triage.


Import, validate and score new business in less than three minutes


Instantly triage and deduce risk appetite


Immediately identify the causes of risk


Make informed decisions quickly on desirable accounts

With a complex workflow and inconsistent source material, it is crucial that automating the submissions process focusses on both efficiency and accuracy. Read more on how our automated workflow ensures information is reliable and processed quickly.

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Automated Submissions Workflow
Submissions and in-house innovation 2

Effective business placement

Understanding the complexity of risk at the point of submission ensures it is escalated to the most relevant area of the organisation for triage. New policies can be created based on the degree and causes of risk.


Low risk, transactional business can be automated based on in-house criteria so Underwriters can focus on complex business


Low risk, bespoke business can be triaged by a Junior Underwriter for hands-on experience


High risk, complex business can be sent directly to Senior Underwriters that leverage experience and insight to innovate

Experienced Underwriters can define new policies, whilst Junior Underwriters can utilise connected technologies for new active risk management capabilities.

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Tackle high-volumes and ensure accuracy

Automating data ingestion and triage ensures all submissions seen by an Underwriter are in a consistent format. Data is checked against the records of a vast industry data lake to ensure information is accurate.


Manage all submissions in one place through a simple workflow


Significantly increase operational effectiveness through improved data processing


Assign any submission to the most relevant colleague at any stage of the submissions process


Validate all information against a comprehensive industry data-lake


Automatically correct minor discrepancies and easily identify missing fields or areas of contention


Include risk assessment in the submissions process to streamline triage and set thresholds depending on business needs

All submissions hold a record of the original email for reference for complete transparency, so Underwriters can always view the source at their discretion.

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Streamline submissions triage and secure more business

Reduce manual data entry and allow your Underwriters to focus entirely on risk selection, placement and innovation

Unlock the potential of your insurance data

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