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Concirrus take a fresh approach to solving the challenges faced by the insurance industry. Our Quest products access and interpret large sets of static demographic and dynamic behaviour-based data sets, and combine these with historical claims information to reveal the behaviours that correlate to claims. The outcome is new insights and rating factors that simply did not exist before, the ability to better deploy risk capital, improve loss ratios and drive down operating costs.

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Shipping, Data, digitalisation

How do you build a digital twin?

Last week we introduced you to 'digital twins'. This week, find out how they are developed, generated and operated in the second part of this 'digital twin' blog series written by Eniram Data Scientist Antti Solonen.

By: The Concirrus Team

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Eniram, Shipping, digitalisation

Just what is a digital twin - and how can it help me ?

Imagine being able to predict the performance of your ship or fleet without needing to test it in the real world. This is possible with a digital twin - a virtual replica of your asset built based on data. Read more in this blog written by Eniram Data Scientist Antti Solonen.

By: The Concirrus Team

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Marine Insurance, Connected Policies, Connected Insurance

Connected insurance - will you be a leader or a follower?

Last month, our CEO Andy was part of a panel discussion at Marine Insurance London where they discussed Connected Policies. His view? We’re talking about connected insurance like it’s optional - the only decision to make here as an insurer is whether you want to be a leader or a follower. Find out why and watch the panel discussion. 

By: Andrew Yeoman